How to Import Pictures From a Digital Camera in Windows 7

Windows 7 makes it extremely easy to transfer pictures and videos to your computer from your digital camera.

Here's how you can import your pictures and videos from a digital camera:

1. Plug your digital camera's USB cable into one of the USB ports on your computer. You may need to then turn your camera on and set it to the display mode.

2. Windows 7 will then recognize than you've plugged in your digital camera and it will install the necessary drivers it needs automatically.

3. Once Windows 7 is done installing the drivers for your camera, a Auto Play window will appear. You will have 2 options to select from, "Import Pictures and Videos" and "Open Device to View Files". Choose the "Import Pictures and Videos" option.

4. The "Import Pictures and Videos" box will appear. Type a name to tag your pictures and then click the Import button. If you want more control over how Windows imports your pictures, click the Import Setting link in the bottom left corner.

5. When Windows 7 has completed importing your pictures and/or videos, a new folder will appear with all of your imported items.