How to Schedule a Windows 7 Disk Cleanup to Run Automatically

Hard disk cleanup is important if you want to keep you PC running at optimal performance. It's a good idea to run the Disk Cleanup utility program on a regular basis. If you don't regularly run the Disk Cleanup utility, your computer can begin to run sluggish and it will effect the overall performance of your PC. So regularly running the Disk Cleanup utility is something you should make sure you do.

The Windows 7 Disk Cleanup utility will clean your hard drive by getting rid of unwanted files like temporary system files, temporary internet files, and setup log files. Here are the steps you can use to schedule the disk cleanup task.

1. To run the Task Scheduler go to the Start Menu, and in the search box type TASK SCHEDULER
2. Click on the Actions menu and then click Create Basic Task
3. Enter in a Name and Description for this task you're creating, then click the NEXT button on the bottom of the window
4. Select when you want the task to start. I suggest you select the Weekly option. Once you have selected the day and time for the scheduled task, click the NEXT button
5. Select the Start a Program option then click the NEXT button
6. In the Program/script area enter in the text CLEANMGR.EXE then click the NEXT button
7. Finally, you'll see a summary of the scheduled task you've just created. Click the Finish button and you're done!

Remember, running the Disk Cleanup utility at least once a week will keep your computer running at optimal performance and not only will your computer be happy but so will you.